The Milestones Project

In the late 1700’s the Gloucester to Worcester Turnpike Trust erected milestones along the route from Gloucester to Upton on Severn, now the A417 when passing through Maisemore parish. They were placed at 1 mile intervals and all were situated on the eastern side of the road.  

Through the parish of Maisemore, 3 stones were placed, marking the 1 mile, the 2 mile and the 3 mile distances from “Gloster” 

The “3 miles to Gloster” stone was situated on the top of the hill at Overton opposite Overton Cottages. There it stayed for over two hundred years. You can see it in relation to Overton at the top of this map excerpt:

'Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland' -

It was photographed in position in the years 2007 and 2012:

In 2014 it was last seen lying on the ground with some slight damage to its top. This substantial piece of limestone has since disappeared. As Maisemore Local History Society, we would like to find it and restore it into its position. 

Could we ask if anyone has any knowledge of its whereabouts, or what happened to it, or recent sightings, please let us know.

Its reinstatement would complete the set of milestones along this route within the County of Gloucestershire. 


Derrick Hall - Maisemore Local History Society - 840558


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