Milestone 3

The “3 miles to Gloster” stone was situated on the top of the hill at Overton opposite Overton Cottages. There it stayed for over two hundred years. You can see it in relation to Overton at the top of this map excerpt:

'Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland' -

It was photographed by Ron Lane in position in the years 2007 and 2012:

In 2014 it was last seen lying on the ground with some slight damage to its top. This substantial piece of limestone then disappeared. Derrick Hall launched a quest to find it but nothing came to light. Then as MLHS was looking where a newly sourced milestone might be located, the original was discovered in an adjacent field! Jeremy Chamberlayne arranged its extraction.

Reinstatement was not possible in its original location owing to buried telecom cables but a close position about 10 metres south has been achieved. You can see approximately where the original position was on this distance shot of the new one (noting that the field boundary shown on the map is no longer there):

... and some closer shots: