The Mystery Pontoon



Information gathered so far:

This photo was taken by an American serviceman serving with the 291st Combat Engineering Battalion of the United States Army during the second world war. They were camped in the grounds of Highnam Court and are shown practising bridge/pontoon building during 1944 prior to the D Day landings.

His name is John L Coupe - he lives in New York State and he is now 91 years of age (or so...). He would like to obtain a photo of the
location as it is at the present time. Therein lies the problem - where is it ! The plan is a copy of the sketch that he has drawn from memory.

We assume the river shown is the River Severn and the road bridge (on the map) to be that of Telford's Over bridge, prior to the
modern road layout - but is this so?

For further details and any information you can supply please contact Derrick Hall. School Crescent, CORSE. 01452 840558

Comment by webmaster - in my opinion that's definitely NOT anywhere in the area. There is nowhere with the land rising that steeply alongside the Severn. There also isn't a road on the west bank of the River Severn. shows a John L Coupe living in New Year - aged 103 (as at 10/12/2017)